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The Coastal Biome

Mangroves, rocky shores, “restingas”... These are various ecosystems that belong to the Coastal Biome. Find out more about some of them.

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The Atlantic Rainforest biome

When the Portuguese reached the shores of Brazil in 1500, the Atlantic Forest was essential to the life of Brazilian Indian tribes. Five centuries later, it remains important to the inhabitants of this land, constituting one of the seven national biomes.

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The Caatinga biome

Even dry during great part of the year, the Caatinga biome is home to various species of fauna and flora. Can you imagine what they are? Check it out here.

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The Pantanal biome

The Pantanal biome has the greatest diversity of birds in the world, but it also keeps other secrets and treasures. Would you like to know which are those?

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Where does water come from?

Springs are usually small and protected by a forest or some other kind of vegetation. If springs and reservoirs are not preserved, water resources are not renewed.

Cerrado Biome

The cerrado - the Brazilian savanna - is the country’s second-largest biome. Let us take a closer look into some of the aspects of the this endangered biome.

Southern Plains Biome

The Southern Plains biome encompasses immense pasturelands, known as pampas, grassy hills, navigable rivers and a lot of lakes and lagoons.

Witch's broom

In the early 1990s in the Brazilian state of Bahia, many ranchers must have wondered if someone hadn’t truly put a hex on them. A plague known as witch’s broom was wiping out entire plantations of cacao and bankrupting these formerly wealthy plantation owners.