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Eww! Baker’s yeast is a fungus!

The ingredient that makes bread fluffy is yeast, did you know that? What’s even more interesting about that is that the yeast used in bread-making is a fungus! Actually, not one, but several fungi.

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Spider-man and other arachnids

In the movie, spider-man got his superpowers after being stung by a genetically modified spider. But don't think that if you get stung by one of these animals you will get stronger and start shooting web. At best, you will feel a lot of pain and get sick.

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Frightening, perilous and venomous

Are you afraid of snakes?  Do you think that spiders and scorpions are scary? How about overcoming your fear and learn more about venomous animals in Brazil?

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Butterflies vs. Moths

You’ve seen a butterfly, right? It’s easy to find a butterfly. What about a moth? Have you seen one? You think you did? You’re thinking twice... You don’t know whether what you saw was a butterfly or a moth?

Butterflies in transformation

Until they reach their adult phase, butterflies go through a curious process of metamorphosis. Find out more about it here.

I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!

Monkeys, bats, skunks, river dolphins, whales, parrots, hawks and even alligators can be seen in urban areas of the city and end up in the paper of on TV. But why does that happen? Should we be happy that we live close to other animal species, or can that cause us problems?

Do all animals sleep?

Have you ever thought whether elephants sleep? What about giraffes? Do insects sleep as well? Find out more about how animals sleep.

Do all animals pee?

Hey! Cats and dogs are easy! But what about other animals? Frogs, chickens, parrots, alligators? Do all of them pee as well?

Bananas of all kinds

There are many kinds of bananas. But they are all from the genus Musa and are all hybrids from the same wild species (Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana), that come from Asia. Let's know more about the different kinds of edible bananas.