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Simply divine!

If you’re crazy about chocolate and always thought it could only be called divine, you’re not alone. Chocolate was considered sacred by ancient societies in Mexico and Central America.

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Carlos Chagas

On April 22nd, 1909, Oswaldo Cruz formally announced, to the National Academy of Medicine, the discovery, by Carlos Chagas, of a new disease: American trypanosomiasis or Chagas disease.That was an unparalleled accomplishment in the history of medicine: Chagas discovered and described the parasite, its life cycle, its vector and its habits, its domestic reservoir, and the disease.

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The 1918 flu pandemic

Down in the trenches, soldiers fought not only a faceless enemy, but also rain, mud, lice and rats. If they didn’t fall dead by gunshot or poisonous gases, they fell victims of diseases such as typhus and trench fever.

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Nobel: a prize for the good of humanity

You’ve probably heard of the Nobel Prize a long time ago. Newspapers also put out who won which prizes, and those who get it, if they weren’t famous already, become famous then. But why is this prize so important and how did it begin?

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Marie Curie: science pioneer

Can you imagine how hard it must have been for women to go after their dreams in the 19th century. Marie Sklodowska Curie was a pioneer. She was both the first woman to win the first Nobel Prize in Sciences and the first person to win it twice.

Hansen's disease in history

Mycobacterium leprae has been roaming the Earth for a long time. There are written records of this feared disease from the 6th century b.C.

The history of filariasis

Patrick Manson’s discovery that mosquitoes transmitted filariasis represents the birth of Medical Entomology and the most important mark in the history of Tropical Medicine.

Our daily bread

It is virtually impossible not to like hot bread and butter for breakfast. The word “bread” is used as a synonym of “life” and “work”, a food both for the body and the soul. Bread is part of the culture of numerous people and has a deep meaning in many religions.

The history of bananas

We can eat fresh bananas, banana sweets, banana cake, banana splits and many other tasty inventions made from this Brazilian fruit.... Wait a minute! Brazilian!?

Research on radioactivity

Despite the importance of their research, Marie and Pierre did not have the support or the structure to carry out their work. worked hard for years in an abandoned warehouse, exposed to radiation, dangerous vapors and extreme conditions.